Cowboy Beans

These Cowboy Beans are easily made in one pot, taste amazing and will hit the spot on any table for easy family dinner or potluck ideas. No one will ever guess it is vegan and so straightforward delicious. This simple recipe comes together in 15 minutes which makes these are big winner. Even kids will…

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Instant Pot Dal

This Instant Pot Dal is super easy to make, protein rich, and naturally vegan. The best part is that you only need a handful of simple ingredients to turn this into an easy dinner that the family will ask you to make again and again. Not long time ago I discovered for me how to…

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Grilled Pepper Hummus

What’s great about this Grilled Pepper Hummus is that it can be prepared in many ways! Make the basic recipe, then add the flavor you want. Save Print Grilled Pepper Hummus Serves:
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Cuban Picadillo

This Cuban Picadillo is super easy to prepare in one pot and in 20 minutes. Finely chopped mushrooms replace the meat for this vegetarian and vegan version, which is packed with fantastic flavors. A keeper for all your family dinner ideas and kids approved too.  When it comes to exciting flavors, Cuban food is always…

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Red Lentil Fritters with Mint-Garlic Yogurt Sauce

If you want to make falafel from scratch, soak raw chickpeas (or fava beans) overnight, then grind until fine. Same thing here with lentils: soak, grind, mix with spices and onion, deep fry and BOOM you’ll have something magical. Even if it’s a million degrees where you live like it is here in Boston right…

Tofu Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce

We recently got a new grill, and I’ve been trying to come up with new ideas for things to throw on it. For the 4th, we made this grilled tofu with peanut sauce. It’s easy, non-fussy and delicious! The peanut sauce can be made in advance, and leftovers reheat very well in an air fryer….