Vegan Ceviche

Stone Bowl Filled with Vegan CevicheThis vegan ceviche is packed with spicy, refreshing flavor! Perfect for party snacking with chips, over crispy tostadas, or eaten straight from the spoon. Watch out, because this stuff is seriously addictive.

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Vegan Taco Tuesday Recipes

updated 8/13/19

As a kid, Taco Night was the first time I was allowed to “assemble” dinner myself. Just grab an empty taco shell and dive right into the wide platter of fillings. Mom’s job? Easy. Create the spread and let the kids do the rest. No fuss.

Taco Tuesday. These days, tacos have become so much more. Taco Tuesday reminds us to dive into one of our most beloved meals. But really, Tuesday can be about more than just tacos…. guacamole, quesadillas and even enchiladas. And that whole “Tuesday” thing. Taco Tuesday is most definitely any day of the week you choose. Get all my favorite recipes for the most amazing plant-based, vegan Taco Tuesday – any day, ahead…Read more »

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Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

It’s Friday. And one way to celebrate a sunny summer weekend: scoop a few layers of melty, purple vegan ice cream between two homemade chocolate chip cookies. You with me? These Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches are ready for you…Read more »

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Smoothie Oatmeal

Raise your hand if you already do this. Raise your hand if you think this sounds weird. Either way, you’ve made it this far, so you are probably curious, yes?

This Smoothie Oatmeal is something I started doing recently and I love it. I started doing it as a way to split up a large smoothie into two portions. This started when my husband was on a breakfast smoothie kick for breakfast. But have been into an oatmeal routine this summer. But I mean, who can resist a freshly blended smoothie? So I would portion off a side glass of smoothie for myself – to drink. But eventually, I just started pouring my small smoothie portion right over top the oats and berries – and boom – smoothie oatmeal was born.

For those who are meal-time-indecisive, like me, you get the best of both worlds….

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Charred Pineapple Jalapeño Margaritas

These Charred Pineapple Jalapeño Margaritas are better than any of their predecessors and unique in their own way! Try out this recipe to cool down, while also bringing the heat.
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