15 Healthy Summer Smoothies, Juices and Iced Drinks

Who else is craving all the cold, refreshing drinks this summer?! I’m usually the kind of girl that can drink hot chocolate in the middle of July, but this summer has been different. I’ve been obsessed with iced coffee lattes, iced matcha …

Shakshuka-Style Eggs in Tomato Salsa

Shakshuka-style baked eggs are having a moment, and we’re in love with their robust flavors and super-simple preparation. When it comes to a high-impact, low-effort breakfast you simply cannot beat the simple shakshuka-style baked eggs. Eggs floa…

Vegan Peach Streusel Pie

We don’t grow peaches here in Minnesota, so every Summer, they are like a treat.  At least to me, because there is nothing like a perfectly ripe, sweet peach.  Funny because when I was little, I wasn’t as big of a fan of them since I had only had the canned ones in peach pies […]

Weekend Reading, 7.29.18

Spontaneity has never been my strong suit. I’ve always admired it from afar, nodding my head approvingly at the idea of carpe diem, going with the flow, and all of that. But acknowledging its value and actually welcoming it into my life are two very different things. I know that my resistance to spontaneity has…

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Strawberry & Vanilla Chia Seed Jam Recipe

Strawberry & Vanilla Chia Seed Jam
Have you heard of chia seed jam? I’m sure you have, it’s been popular for a couple of years now, but have you made any?
I’ve been meaning to try some of this simple strawberry jam for such a long time. I used to make a lot of different traditional jams. Strawberry and peach jam, Scottish raspberry jam, caramelised nectarine and apricot jam, which is a personal favourite and mango and orange peel jam to name a few.

Traditional Jam vs Chia Seed Jam

The trouble with traditional jam is that it has a lot of sugar. That doesn’t trouble me too much because we don’t eat a huge amount of jam, but I think the sugar can sometimes overpower the flavour of the fruit a bit. Have you noticed that?
Actually now I think about it Cooper does eat quite a lot of jam. Graham and I, not so much.
Chia seed jam has a lot less sugar and tastes much more fruity.

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