Vegan No-Bake Cherry Fruit Crisp

Namely MarlyYou’ll love this easy-to-make, healthy Vegan No-Bake Cherry Fruit Crisp for a quick and easy (and lite) summertime dessert. If you’re like us, we love healthy, lite desserts. So this is a great one to have on-hand to serve all year round!Th…

Vegan Chocolate-Covered Banana Popsicles

Namely MarlySummertime is upon us and we are continuing our search for sweet treats with little or no refined sugars. These peanut butter infused Chocolate-Covered Banana Popsicles are making summer desserts easy, healthy and tasty! If you love rich an…

Crispy Black Bean Burrito with Potatoes and Rice

Namely MarlyThis easy Crispy Black Bean Burrito recipe is made with brown rice, potatoes, corn, and salsa. Served in a crispy burrito shell and topped with guacamole! Of course, we have a much simpler name for these delicious, vegan burritos, but you’l…

NMP#45: Defining Vegan with Diana Fleischman

Namely MarlyWhat is a vegan? Is it defined by what they eat? Or the goal of reducing animal cruelty? Marly speaks with Dr. Diana Fleischman on Defining Vegan to discuss expanding the ways people can participate in reducing animal cruelty in their diet….

Vegan Coconut Raspberry Donuts

Namely MarlyJust in time for weekend baking, here’s our Vegan Coconut Raspberry Donuts recipe. I happen to have quite the love affair with raspberry and coconut. There’s something about these dense baked cake donuts infused with raspberries and topped …

Not About Food: Me and My Smile

This essay was originally published on Medium on April 18, 2017. I get told to smile a lot. The reason for this is because when my face is relaxed, or emotionless, it doesn’t settle naturally into a smile. In fact, when my face is relaxed, I actually look like I’m seriously contemplating the Space-Time Continuum and/or […]

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Vegan Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs

Namely MarlyIf you want a quick, low-carb, but delicious vegan dinner, this Vegan Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs recipe might be a bullseye! I’m so into this recipe, we’ve been making it on repeat! We love easy, vegan, healthy recipes. This article fir…

Vegan Whole Wheat Harvest Bread

Namely MarlyA crispy crusty, lightly sweet Vegan Whole Wheat Harvest Bread. You’ll make this easy loaf again and again because it adds a special touch to a Tuesday night dinner. And every now and then you want that Tuesday night dinner to feel special….

Powered by Salad: SaladPower Juice Recipe & Giveaway

The future of salad is here, and guess what…it’s drinkable! SaladPower was started by two NYC high school friends that wanted a juice that was lower in sugar and calories than the other guys. They noticed that most juices always put fruits first and had very little veggies. So they decided to flip it and create […]