How to Make Homemade Pecan Butter

Throughout this whole food blogging gig, I’ve been so blessed to occasionally receive food products from different companies. Usually they want me to try their products so that, if I like them, I’ll talk about them with my readers. During …

Vegan Pumpkin Turtle Cheesecake 

I see food items and recipes all the time that I say to myself I would like to veganize.  There was a magazine next to the checkout line when I was at the store and said it was all pumpkin desserts.  On the cover was the most glorious looking pumpkin turtle cheesecake.  But of course […]

Chili Mac Pepper Jacks

    Chili Mac Pepper Jacks are a super fun and warming dinner for your Halloween night and all of your Halloween parties! creative, festive and fun!   Chili Mac Pepper Jacks Hello and welcome to my annual Pepper Jack recipe! This is something I look fo…

Weekend Reading, 9.30.18

Whenever I write about my experience of eating disorders, I make a point of saying that the healing process isn’t linear. It’s full of odd, surprising twists and turns, realizations and moments that take one by surprise. Still, I think it’s natural to hope or expect that a linear trend will emerge. After all, it’s…

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Vegan Cowboy Beans & Potato Bake

A simple one-pot recipe for cowboy beans. Oven-cooked in one dish, this is a real fuss-free family dinner.
A black bowl with Vegan Cowboy Beans & Potato Bake
I needed a name for this savoury bake recipe. It’s basically beans and sausages so it had to be cowboy beans. 
I have no particular knowledge about cowboys and what they eat apart from the black and white cowboy films with John Wayne I watched with my dad as a child.

Did they eat cowboy beans? Maybe! They certainly seemed to cook bean dishes in a pot over their fire.

So I’m calling these cowboy beans and on doing some research I realised I was pretty spot on, although my bean pot was going to include potatoes and as it is wet and windy outside I definitely wasn’t going to be cooking them outside over an open fire.

Nope, the oven was fine for me.

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Best Vegetarian Restaurants – Indianapolis

What kind of vegetarian fare can you get in the capital of Indiana? Indianapolis is particularly well-known for its craft beer scene, but it also has excellent vegetarian eateries and bars to try. From traditional Hoosier dishes to the newest vegan or …

Weekly Vegan Dinner Plan #36

Weekly Vegan Dinner Plan #36 – five nights worth of vegan dinners to help inspire your menu. Choose one recipe to add to your rotation or make them all – shopping list included. If you’re making all 5 recipes be sure to print the grocery list at the bottom of the page. Want to check…

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