Tahini Dressing

This Tahini Dressing is a must make for any salads. Prepared in seconds it adds a lot of flavors, makes meal prep and simple meals a breeze. Picky eaters in your family? Serve this and impress anyone. Even your kids will agree and want this at any time. If you know me a bit you…

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BLT Salad

This fast, easy and flavorful BLT Salad is perfect for lunch. You could also serve it alongside a pizza or pasta at dinnertime. Or you could double the portion size for a full on entree salad. Creamy vegan ranch dressing coats crisp romaine lettuce, juicy summer tomatoes and tempeh bacon bits too. Add some steamed broccoli if you’d like and a hefty portion on buttery avocado on top…Read more »

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Florentine Sauce

This Florentine Sauce is a must make for all your easy pasta recipes. It is also amazing just plain with bread. So yummy and easy to make it will become a family favorite in no time. Get an exciting new twist on easy comfort food recipes. You can be sure this Florentine Sauce will not…

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20 Best Vegan Lunch Wrap Recipes

Filled tortilla wraps make a great change from sandwiches at lunchtime in a lunchbox. There are so many fillings you can add. Here are 20 of the best vegan lunch wraps on the web.

20 delicious wraps to perk up your …

Sunny Day Tofu Sandwich

This Sunny Day Tofu Sandwich is packed with veggies like avocado, arugula and tomato. Pickles and a secret sauce make things extra flavorful. This tofu-stuffed vegan sandwich is protein packed and perfect on a sunny day! Serve on fluffy ciabatta or you…

Curried Potato Salad

This vegan curried potato salad is made with spicy roasted potatoes, using turmeric, cumin, and cayenne pepper. The potatoes are mixed with greens, beluga lentils, cilantro, and topped with a lemon ginger dressing. It might seem like a lot but this is one special potato salad (and no mayo)! Skip to the recipe → Cool…

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Pesto Butter

This Pesto butter is a crowd pleaser. Super easy to make, creamy, satisfying on bread, with pasta or potatoes. The whole family will love it. No one would ever think it is vegan, if you serve this to your family, friends or at your next party or potluck. Vegan butter is something magical. Just think…

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Vegetable Curry

Vegetable curry, a super tasty a satiating dish, made with sweet potatoes and veggies, among other ingredients. It’s an inexpensive and healthy meal.

You can use pretty much everything to make a curry: carbs, protein, veggies, even fruits. This …