Vegan Strawberry Margarita Pie

I am not used to the humidity here yet.  We basically went from Winter (18 inches of snow) to Spring for a few weeks right into hot Summer weather.   I really prefer moderate weather like 45 degrees in the morning and a high of 70 degrees or lower in the afternoon which is why I […]

Rhubarb Almond Cake

A healthy dairy free rhubarb almond cake with spelt and almond flour, topped with plenty of the sweet-sour rhubarb that’s such a treat at the beginning of spring. It’s a really pretty coffee cake and sturdy enough that it can be easily transported for picnics or potlucks. Hi! It’s been a while! I’ve been working…

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Lemon Elderflower Layer Cake

      this Lemon Elderflower Layer Cake is royally delicious! bright and light flavors, tasty lemon cake surrounded by smooth and sweet elderflower frosting. perfect for a 4am Royal Wedding breakfast celebration, a Mothers Day brunch, or a Tuesday.   L…

Vegan Chocolate Pie (vegan, raw, gluten-free, and oil-free)

Anyone up for a slice of vegan chocolate pie? Wait, it’s not just vegan chocolate pie. It’s a rich, creamy, luscious chocolate mousse pie that happens to be vegan and healthy! After months of sugary treats carrying us from Halloween to Christmas to Valentine’s and Easter, it’s time for something fresher! Here’s the thing. Chocolatey treats…

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Vegan Easter Treats: Chocolate Macaroon Nests

This is an easy, playful idea for vegan Easter treats for the kids. Or for anyone. No age limits on vegan food fun! I can only take credit for the recipe on this one. These Easter ‘nests’ are made from my Chocolate Almond Macaroons recipe in The Cheese Trap. One of my recipe testers for…

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8 Eggstravagant Vegan Easter Treats

Easter treats are so much fun, for kids and grownups alike, but it can be a bit tricky to find exciting vegan options, loaded with eggstravagant fillings. Whether it’s chocolate treats you crave or the fruity, zesty flavours of a hot cross bun, I’ve got you covered with a whole range of sweet treats perfect for Easter! So get making and enjoy these treats with your friends and family this Easter weekend! 

Easter Pull-Apart Bread

Ideal for good Friday…this hot cross bun-inspired pull-apart bread is loaded with dried fruit, plenty of spices and candied peel…its crunchy around the edges, fluffy in the middle, it’s the perfect way to kick of the Easter weekend! 

Easter Chocolate Cups 

Struggling to find a drool-worthy mini chocolate treat at a decent price? Why not make your own? Set the chocolate cups in paper casings and make your own fillings out of whole food ingredients. Pictured above is the salted caramel flavour, there’s also ‘cream egg’ and ‘hot cross bun’ flavours! If you have egg-shaped moulds you can use these too…wrap the finished treats up in foil and have your very own Easter egg hunt!  

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Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies

 Chewy, melt-in-your-mouth cookies, filled with tart cranberries and sweet white chocolate, perfect for the holidays, sharing with friends and giving as gifts! I shared these cookies with some friends recently and the feedback was more than positive, with the whole batch being effortlessly polished off. There’s nothing better than a chewy cookie, with slightly crisp golden edges and there’s actually a bit of science to achieving perfectly textured cookies, that believe it or not, I learnt during my nutrition degree! 

 During my time at uni I learnt a lot about the role different ingredients have in baking and cookies are no exception. Chewy cookies must have more sugar than fat, it’s a fact, so maybe these aren’t everyday foods, most sweet things aren’t. But they are holiday party and gift worthy cookies, that are delicate, chewy and a little crisp and golden round the edge. With tart dried cranberries and chunks of vegan white chocolate, brought together by the warmth of a pinch of cinnamon. I also used aquafaba (chickpea water) to replace the need for eggs in this recipe.

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