Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake (Gluten-Free)

This Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake is seriously indulgent yet secretly healthy. It’s rich and creamy, tangy and perfectly sweet. Why you’ll love this Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake: it’s rich and creamy it’s sweet and tangy it’s seriously chocolatey it’s oil-free  it’s grain-free and gluten-free it’s refined sugar free it’s paleo it’s easy to make all you’ll need…

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Vegan Blueberry Lemon Truffles  

Since finding a lot of extra cacao butter in my cupboard last month (3 lbs), and being sent another lb by Raw Guru I have been making a lot of chocolate and candy recipes.  I hope you all don’t mind.  I know I certainly don’t as I do enjoy eating them.  I went with peanut […]

Gluten-Free Vegan Blueberry Cake

This Gluten-Free Vegan Blueberry Cake is seriously moist, packed full of fresh blueberries and slathered in creamy blueberry frosting. It’s the perfect pretty dessert for occasions like birthdays, baby showers and weddings.  Why you’ll love this Blueberry Cake: it’s moist and fluffy   it’s rich and creamy  it’s sweet but not sickly it’s fragrant and fruity it’s easy…

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Vegan Soft Serve Ice Cream

5-Ingredients vegan soft serve ice cream, naturally sweetened with dates. It’s a healthy, plant-based alternative to classic soft serve ice cream.

I tried soft serve for the first time when I was about 8 or 9 years old. It wasn’t very popu…

Easy Blueberry Mousse

This Blueberry Mousse can morph into the sweet summer dessert of your dreams, no matter which flavors you prefer. Think of this Blueberry Mousse recipe as a blank canvas for your creativity. If you have peaches, plums, apricots, or other jewels from su…

Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

There is always time for another vegan oatmeal cookie recipe! These vegan oatmeal raisin cookies are so good, you’ll love them even if you don’t love raisins! Seriously! I’m not a massive fan of raisins, in that you won’t genera…

Vegan Peanut Butter White Chocolates

I love white chocolate and I love peanut butter, so I figured, why not make some peanut butter white chocolate?!  I mean, yes I could have just made white chocolate peanut butter cups, and I did make those recently.  But I had another motive for making these.  My Mom recently requested that I make some […]

Vegan German Chocolate Cake

Oooh yum, this vegan German chocolate cake is two layers of delicious vegan chocolate cake with a coconut pecan filling and a rich chocolate buttercream frosting on top! Traditionally a German chocolate cake uses sweet German chocolate in the cake itse…

Vegan Cheesecake Dessert Hummus

I love hummus of any sort, and I am always trying to come up with new and interesting flavors.  I love the classic hummus with tahini, lemon, and lots of garlic and cumin of course, and I can get that kind in the deli I work in because ours is really good.  But when I […]