Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

Juicy, chewy mixed mushrooms in a rich and creamy sauce, served up with a mix of long grain and wild rice. I used 4 types of mushrooms; chestnut, oyster, enoki and dried porcini but you can use whichever you prefer or that are available to you – I find that Chinese supermarkets have a great variety of different mushrooms!

The creamy base of this stroganoff is made from cashews, they’re the perfect medium for a sauce like this, delivering rich flavour and plenty of nutrition too. Nuts are super healthy, they’re a great source of protein fibre and micronutrients too. Cashews contain vitamin K and magnesium, essential for our blood health and muscles, respectively, they’re also rich in copper and iron, two nutrients needed for red blood cell formation, iron absorption and our subsequent energy levels.

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