I wanted so much to sit down and write something very thoughtful and reflective today, as I have in past years on my birthday. The last twelve months have certainly given me plenty to say; they’ve been full of interesting insights and realizations, lots of renewed human connection, and important steps toward coming home to…

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Spicy Tahini Dressing

This Spicy Tahini Dressing is the perfect creamy addition to your favorite salads or bowls. With just the perfect amount of heat to give your dish a little kick. I have been throwing a lot of tahini at you lately. I showed you The Best Tahini Dressing which we used over the Crispy Falafel Kale Salad….

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Lemon Elderflower Popsicles

Elderflowers have such a short season, and these lemon elderflower popsicles are a great way to capture their delicate flavour. I chose to go with the traditional elderflower syrup ingredients here, minus the sugar, using local honey instead. Maple syrup is a nice substitute if you want to make these vegan. The elderflowers are almost…

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Summer Grilling Season with Field Roast Sausages (Giveaway!)

*This post is sponsored by Field Roast

Summer grilling season is here! Sunny days, firefly nights, pink sunsets, swimming pools, lazy afternoons, smoothies, salads and of course: vegan BBQ eats!

Vegans can enjoy it all during summer BBQ season: veggie burgers, vegan sausages, vegan hot dogs and grill-marked veggies. And veganizing your grill, quite simply, just feels good from the inside out.

Vegan grilling tastes amazing thanks to one of my favorite products: Field Roast’s Grain Meat Sausages. I’m a fan. In fact, I just realized that I have been buying Field Roast products for close to ten years now, because I adore the flavors, ingredients and texture so much. I raved about them, here on the blog in 2009.

I routinely stock my fridge with Field Roast sausages and their…

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Easy One-Bowl Chocolate Banana Bread

A sliced chocolate banana bread

Yes, you guessed it, leftover bananas gone brown and a bit soft. 

I just couldn’t throw them out. My first thought was smoothie or banana bread? I had to do something with them or Graham would have lobbed them in the bin. He has no patience with brown bananas. He feels they have no place in our kitchen or any kitchen.

Do you have a husband, wife or partner like that?

He is so short-sighted when it comes to bananas, but you can be sure he is always really happy to be offered a deliciously sweet green smoothie or a slice of banana bread which he loves to eat spread with a generous layer of dairy-free spread.

As I it’s my day off, I decided to take the time to make banana bread. I say take the time, but it’s really quick to make in one bowl, then once it’s in the oven you can get on with other things.

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White Chili Taco Soup

This incredibly delicious White Chili Taco Soup is entirely vegan and gluten free. Super creamy, satisfying and packed with flavor – a must make for lunch and dinner. My love for white chili will never stop. It’s a thing for me and you. I made a white chili Vegetarian White Chili, which is an instant reader…

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Thai Tofu Burgers from From the Kitchens of YamChops

Spice up your veggie burger game with these vegan Thai Tofu Burgers from From the Kitchens of YamChops! YamChops The term “vegan butcher” might sound like an oxymoron, but it is indeed a thing, and it’s a good thing at that. In these shops, you’ll find the same types of foods that you’d be able…

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